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About Us

In 2007 we made the decision to make Berrien Springs, MI, our home. Our families came from here, and we couldn’t think of a better place to raise a family. We wanted to be involved in the community and serve people. When we started, there was a need for a computer repair shop. Running for 10 years as IT Ambassador, we helped people repair computers and fulfill other technological needs and demands. Small towns, often, lack specialists, and we would take on small jobs that would be outside of our wide expertise. Website design, soldering, tablet repair, data recovery, programming. In 2016 we combined our skills, expressed our creativity, and opened Zoya Escape Rooms. During the making of the rooms, we got into the construction business. Continuing our journey in fulfilling the demand of our town and vicinity, we increased our carpentry, laser printing, and 3D printing skills. Where else in the industry would you meet a handyman who can fix your toilet, computer, and build you a shed. Well we are here. Because of the wide range of skills and service we could provide, we couldn't fit under any one category, and we call ourselves "makers" but you found us under technology as we hoped you would.  

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