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Our Services

Custom Carpentry

Nothing beats professional custom carpentry to make your home or project unique and beautiful. Our team can custom build cabinets, shelves, and more to make your dream a reality.  We also specialize in prop design, so we stand ready to create your specialized project.

Custom Props

Do you have an idea for your escape room but need some technical help to make it a reality? We can help! We’ve programmed and built several rooms of our own and can help you make your idea a reality. We can help with anything from consulting to designing and building the props for you.

Custom 3D Printing

Need something unique made, that you can't find anywhere else? Have us custom 3D Print it for you.  Share an idea, drawing, or digital design, and we will make it.

Custom Laser Engraving

Have a special project in mind but need help making it a reality? We can help with our laser cutting and engraving service. All designs can be personalized and uniquely made for you.







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