Custom Props

Prop & Consulting Services

Do you have an idea for your escape room but need some technical help to make it a reality? We can help! We’ve programmed and built several rooms of our own and can help you make your idea a reality. We can help with anything from consulting to designing and building the props for you.

Fully Automated Room Packages

We sell Proven, Money Making, Fully Automated Rooms. All of our rooms are completely automated and require no intervention from the game master at any time. To ensure this with each of our designs we include a proprietary controller that gives you complete control over every aspect of the game. From the controller you can easily track the progress of each game, see what puzzle they are on, how many hints they have left, anything you need to know about the game.

All of the rooms we sell have been thoroughly tested by us personally and are proven to bring in customers and make you money. We have run each of these rooms for months and can attest to their quality and profitability.

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